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What We Fail to Understand Regarding Social Media Impressions vs. Reach?

What We Fail to Understand Regarding Social Media Impressions vs. Reach?

If you are thinking about impressions then you must understand the two important terms which are: reach and impressions. Well, reach is defined as the number of people who gets to see your content. In other words, it is the total number of people who saw your tweet or Facebook post, Instagram story or post as well as it can be a Facebook event at the same time. On the other hand, social impressions are the number of times that the social media browsers have displayed your content on social media platforms. In other words, if your ad has been displayed five hundred times then your social media impressions would be five hundred at the same time.

On a basic note, impressions count the exposure and reach counts the number of times your ad has been clicked. However, it is also true that every social media sites have their particular rules and regulations regarding impressions and reach, which is very important to know if you want to understand what you are staring at. This is a very vital thing as most companies that provide social media marketing services in New Jersey have a deeper understanding of these metrics.


 Most people love Twitter because they provide analytics for free. So if you are logged in then the results are given before immediately. Hence, if a user has seen tweets that you have made recently then you have earned an impression. In that case, if a recent tweet earns 300 impressions and your reply to that tweet earns 200 impressions, your total impression is 500. All these will be presented on your profile for the best understanding of the user of the profile.


First, you have to understand that reach and impressions are separate things as well as they are defined in a distinct way. It is very important to see that impressions in Instagram are earned by the number of times a user sees a story, post or an IGTV video. However, a Reach in Instagram is the number of unique users who interacts with your posts.

Facebook Impressions

When it comes to Facebook for Business, the definition of impressions is the number of times your ads were showed on the screen. Likewise, if a Facebook user scrolls past an ad but again scrolls back to the ad, it will be counted as one impression. Furthermore, if an ad appears before a user two times in twenty-four hours then it will be considered as two impressions. Also, when an ad is displayed in a user’s timeline is considered to be an impression. In the same way, impressions are counted for video as well as for ads. So, it is not necessary to play the video to be considered as impressions. In order to know the users who have viewed the content you have posted, you have to check the Viewed Impressions section on Facebook for Business.

Which Are More Important, Social Media Impressions or Reach?

Experts advise focussing on your goals when deciding the right metric to track for the marketing of a business idea. However, it must be understood that both the metrics are equally important plus if you are more concerned with your ads then it is significant to close in on impressions. The main reason is that your promotion and sponsored content is calculated by the number of people seeing your ads.

Hence, if you pay Twitter for promoting a tweet then the site will provide you with those numbers in the analytics report. Furthermore, it can also be an indicator to help you understand that Facebook and Twitter might be the right apps for you to concentrate on because they are driven by impressions. On the other hand, if brand awareness is your target then reach is the metric you want to concentrate on. In that case, Instagram is the right choice for your need.

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