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Unforeseen and Worst SEO Mistakes Which You Won’t Identify Easily

Unforeseen and Worst SEO Mistakes Which You Won’t Identify Easily

The first mistake is assuming that the ranking of keywords is the only thing that matters in SEO strategies. In actuality, there is much more to an SEO strategy which is more than just keyword rankings in the current times.

Hence, to make your website flexible enough to work perfectly with the ever-changing Goggle algorithms, dodge search engine penalties plus become a genuine quality source amidst the content-saturated world, read the serious mistakes you need to avoid in the upcoming days

Did You Register Your Site with Bing?

Well, registering your site in Google is something that everybody does but did you do it with Bing? Most of us hardly do that and realizes their mistake later on. Bing is a reputed as well as the world’s largest search engine, so you would better register your website on Bing and Yahoo before it gets too late. Usually, a reputed digital marketing service in New Jersey never ignores it because they are very much aware of the ill-effects of not registering a website with renowned search engines in the current times.

Absence of Internal Linking

The basic definition of internal linking is nothing but a page on a domain that is linked to a different page on the same domain. The intention of internal linking is to help the users navigate the website seamlessly as well as derive the required information without any hindrance. Internal linking is a significant process that contributes positively to the ranking power of a website. Furthermore, internal linking also helps in developing a certain structure of your site by creating a chain of content that helps in the rank growth of the website. In other words, your website becomes easily crawlable as internal linking makes your content evident to the search engines.

Are You Linking to Low-quality Sites?

Did you know that websites linking to your domain can impact your search engine rankings? Also, have you heard of the fact that the sites which your domain directs to can also affect your rankings? We are all aware of the fact that Google Search Engine’s algorithm is based on authority, trust, and expertise. Moreover, while reading the best website practices on Penguin, Panda and other places that publish guidelines, you will notice these factors repeated many times.

In other words, be careful of the places you are linking to as well as to whom you are passing your SEO credited links from your articles, blog and web domain.

Are There Too Many 404s?

In case, your website is filled with 404s then you are allowing Google to think that your website has quality problems. In that case, it is important to understand that the pages which are not used anymore or don’t exist on your site yet have active URLs directing to them should be repointed to similar pages or new versions of the pages. Also, you won’t have to dig your site to find these pages if you use Google Webmaster Tools because they point out pages in the ‘Not Found’ section.

Now that you are aware of the most serious mistakes which could affect the rankings of your website, make sure that you remember them for the best interest of your site. The last thing you would want is to wake up one morning and discover that your website is not amongst the first hundred websites in the SERPs.

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