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No Modern SMO Service Company Is As Market-Conscious As Digital Valor

No Modern SMO Service Company Is As Market-Conscious As Digital Valor

Social media continues to rule the roost. Its immense ability to connect with the masses in a trice is what endears it to technology brands. While many an SMO company pander to the latest social media additions to garner clicks, Digital Valor goes the extra mile to encompass the newest trends and engage its audience in more ways than one. Our market-consciousness is keen, vibrant and sharply defined. Our establishment strives round the clock to make the most of the following trends.

Instagram Stories

Investment in Instagram stories is one of the defining characteristics of modern SMO companies. Apart from Facebook, Instagram continues to be the most popular social media brands. According to a recent study, Instagram, in less than a decade, has managed to garner over seven million users.

Another survey says that Instagram stories are consumed by over 400 million users on a daily basis. The concept of stories is driven by visual theatrics which appeals instantly to the senses. Being a dedicated SMO services company, we leave no stone unturned to make the most of stories and create a mass appeal.

Influencer Marketing

There had been hiccups initially when first the concept of influencer marketing was mooted. However, in less than a year, the market witnessed its absorption by leading brands across the globe. Today, it is the finest tool to interact both with new and loyal users.

Customers tend to ignore traditional marketing strategies. Keeping that in mind, startups and budding outlets have begun availing of sustainable micro-influencers.

Live Streaming

Another popular means to forge an instant connect with users is live streaming. Its appeal lies in endearing to the ephemeral attention-span of the user. It invests in brisk content, is immediate and therefore conveniently absorbable.

Live streaming has redefined the prospects of social media completely. The pace is its earnest tool, in that it can engage even the non-discerning user.

Personalized Customer Experience

How can one engage a prospective customer dynamically? Indeed, personalized customer experience is one of the thriving tools of active, open-ended user engagement. It hands over the reins to the customer who may choose according to the information available.

Data harvesting is a crucial tenet of personalization. Based on the pool of user data, brands can send out engaging content in order to grab user attention.

Focus on Generation Z

It is important to note that over twenty percent of the US population belongs to generation Z. In that case, leading brands must amp up their policies to embrace the tech-savvy generation. Keeping that in mind, Digital Valor continues to upgrade its marketing strategy by investing in content that is rich, immediately arresting and memorable.


Customer engagement is the mantra of modern commerce. The primary aim of contemporary business, no matter what kind, is to cater to the interests of each customer as far as feasible. The idea is to foster a streak of capital obsessiveness in the minds of prospective buyers and keep them stuck to the screens round the clock. Clearly, business today is way more than the plain equation of buying and selling.

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