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How to Troubleshoot Your Website When it is not Loading Save the Unnecessary Hassles?

How to Troubleshoot Your Website When it is not Loading Save the Unnecessary Hassles?

Your website not loading or a specific page not loading is one of the most persistent and financially harmful issues for a business. You may think that the prominent and behemoth websites do not experience such issue but that is no true. Even Google has had its fair share of such issues at one point in time. Hence, it is crucial to know about troubleshooting website issues and find out the most effective solutions.

The impact of the problem is enormous

To understand this issue, you need to first understand the problem and its impact on a business. Whether your business is small or large, the problem with page loading is going to be one of the most difficult issues to handle. This is also because issues with page and website loading will result in loss of business. Depending on the problem and the time consumed by it, the amount of loss can be quite huge. So, it is in your interest to get the problem sorted as soon as possible.

Understanding the problem before finding the solution

Before getting into the solution, understanding the problem in detail will be smart. The question is what keeps a website from loading. There are various reasons behind this, from server issues to internet issues to problems with the website can result in a website not loading properly or at all. In such an event, you will receive various erroneous messages and it will be time to find the solution. A company like Digital Valor will be able to provide the assistance you have been looking for.

Tips that can help

Apart from professional help, there are certain tips you can implement on your website to keep it from facing these issues frequently. Doing so will help your website function smoothly. The tips that can help you in this context are:

Installing website down checkers

It is one of the best and most efficient tools you can have to deal with this problem. It will let you know if only you are the only one having issues while accessing the website or others are too. This tool is pretty easy to use as well. All you need to do is enter the URL address of the website and the result will come up. If there are other people facing issues with your website, it will point that out too.

Installing ping checkers

The job of a ping checker is to find out whether a website or IP address is working or not. To do that, this tool sends a signal to a web or IP address it has been given and counts the time it takes for the address to respond. Along with that, the tool also measures the data packets which get lost during the wait for the response.

Getting into step-by-step diagnostics

Along with seeking professional help with troubleshooting website issues from a company like Digital Valor, you can run some tests yourself as well. They will help to find out the reasons behind the unplanned outage. The steps are:

  • Trying to open another website in a new tab or window
  • Navigating to another search engine or news website
  • Clearing cache and cookies and allowing websites to access the cookies
  • Talking to the internet service provider

Knowing about possible issues will help to find the right solution with ease.

Installing a traceroute tool

The job of this tool is to find out whether there are any broken connections or not. Along with identifying the existence of a problem, it also will find out the weak links. This will give you the chance to fix the issues more permanently and avoid the problem to a large extent.

Installing network and website monitoring software

One of the best and most effective ways, of troubleshooting websites, networks, and servers, is to automate the process. There are programs that can help with the issue. Once installed, you can use the software to find out the problem and solve it.

These are the simple tips that can help your website to deal with the error in loading. If something more complicated is going on, you will need professional help and Digital Valor can provide that.

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