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How To Run An Engaging Instagram Giveaway And Help Your Business Grow Better?

How To Run An Engaging Instagram Giveaway And Help Your Business Grow Better?

It may come as a little surprising but 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business. So, by increasing your visibility, it will be possible to reach a greater number of people. Choosing the Instagram marketing service in NJ will be the perfect opportunity to use this platform for marketing purposes. To keep up with the market and help your business along, taking such steps is necessary.

Understanding the premise

One of the biggest issues with attempts of Instagram marketing is the steep competition. Making your business and brand visible and familiar to your followers and the users, in general, is a tough task. Without professional help, accomplishing the task will be complicated. Hence, you will need a strategy. The aim of the strategy will be creating engaging Instagram giveaways which, in turn, will help your business.

Creation of the effective strategy

Digital Valor is a company that has been providing such services for quite some time now. Along with the assistance, they are also capable of creating the perfect strategy helping your business further. A giveaway is crucial to Instagram marketing. It is the occasion where you offer something free to the users offering likes, comments or fulfilling any other-pre-determined requirement.

The steps that are involved in the process

To conduct a successful giveaway and enjoy the benefits of such a decision, you need to know the steps involved, they are:

  • Choosing the prize of the giveaway – At the very beginning, you have to choose the product, service or experience that will be the prize. The decision will depend on the goal you have.
  • Determining the entry criteria for the contest to be held – The entry criteria applicable for the contest will depend on your goal as well. Allowing everyone to enter may seem like an easier and more effective option but it is not. If someone does not follow you, he/she cannot enter the contest. It will be a nice way to increase your likes and reach quickly.
  • Settling the goal of the contest – Knowing from the very beginning what you want from the campaign is crucial. When you have a specific goal, it will be easier to create a suitable strategy. It will also help you to track whether the campaign was successful or not.
  • Considering brand partnership – You may not realize this but a giveaway is a nice and beneficial way of aligning with peer brands and partners. It will be a smart way to reach more people as well.
  • Selecting the most suitable hashtag for the campaign – Hashtags are crucial for every brand and business. Its importance grows further when you are creating and conducting a campaign. So, you need to create a compelling and unique hashtag that will spread awareness and help the business.
  • Putting a time-limit on the contest – Putting a time limit to the contest is crucial to keep the potential participants interested. If you do not create and provide such criteria, then seeking Instagram marketing service in NJ won’t be able to help much.
  • Launching and promoting the contest – Once all the steps have been dealt with and decided upon, you need to launch and promote the post. This will be the beginning of an effective and efficient campaign to help your business further along.

With the help of assistance from Digital Valor, you can successfully run an Instagram campaign. Doing so will help your business to grow bigger and better.

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