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How Social Media Optimization Can Increase Your Brand Visibility

How Social Media Optimization Can Increase Your Brand Visibility

When you hear the word optimization you are likely to consider SEO and the details that accompany it. But the thought behind optimizing is just making the best of anything. It is about using the available resources –experimenting, improving and polishing them to create more value. In business, your marketing efforts should be optimized to achieve amazing marketing results including marketing on social media platforms.  When a business chooses to operate on social media they come across different elements of social channel. If a smo services company uses it appropriately, it can enhance your brand visibility. Here are 4 tips for optimizing the social media pages:

1.Create consistent branded URLs

The established brands are smart. They use everything they can for branding.  The social media profile need to have a URL then use it as a tool for branding and promote your business.  It’s important to register an identity for your brand on social media. The URL plays a pivotal role in it.  The big brands make sure that all their social media channels recognize their brand. In order to get it done, use consistent usernames across all social media channels. Sometimes you cannot create a username that matches your brand name as somebody else is using it. So, choose a different username but at least try to stay as close as possible to your brand name to create an impression of your brand.

2.Use custom apps on Facebook page

Social media can drive huge traffic to your website, blog and other social profiles only when you know how to use it properly.  Every social network is different and offers unique features. Mostly they allow using only one link in the ‘about’ segment. Many businesses use this link to their website.  Facebook allows adding custom apps on your Facebook page.  The apps can be used for anything like promoting other social media profiles, promoting service/product catalog, promoting blog, communication and chatting with users, etc.

3.Provide complete information

Fill each detail of your social media profile and make sure you maintain consistency provided on all social channels. Use the same username, brand name, description, contact number, open hours, address, email ids, website URLs everywhere.  The first time the audience interact with your business is probably on a social media channel. So keep it nothing less than how your salesperson would introduce your business.

4.Pin significant content to your profiles

Your audience will only know what you will convey.  If something important is happening with your brand share with them so they are updated with brand activities. A business always prioritizes their important posts to appear upfront. Don’t share only events and happenings but also pin posts that are important from a business point of view. For example, posts that can generate leads, drive website traffic, promote offers, invite subscriptions, etc. Pinning posts to the top can increase its shelf life. Often it enjoys prolonged visibility and engagement than non-pinned posts.

Optimizing your social media profile can take some time and exertion. If done accurately, the outcomes will represent themselves. Digital Valor has vast experience in SMO and can help you in optimizing your social media channels to increase visibility.

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