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Common Website Errors And Ways of Fixing Them

Common Website Errors And Ways of Fixing Them

What does a successful website have? Well, to tell you the truth, the success of a website lies in a few critical aspects starting with amazing content, clear navigation, quality traffic, and a world-class conversion rate. However, that does not make the website 100% error-free. And, this is the reason why you need to be extremely careful and check for every minor issue and fix website errors without further delay.

Minor issues such a slow load times, duplicate content, spelling errors need to be taken as seriously as the major ones. If went neglected, these will take no time to get converted into major issues beyond repair.

Common Errors to Fix on Your Website

Given below are a few common issues which need regular fixing on the same day, within a month and within a quarter. Let us discuss in detail.

Errors that need fixing within a day

1.Spelling Errors

Grammatical errors and typos may look to be quite forgivable; however, they give out a negative impact to your target audience. Thus, it is extremely essential to thoroughly check every material before publishing the same. Every business, with the need for generating quality contents in the website, needs an effective editor to get this job done.

2.Broken Links

This type of error can be extremely frustrating to the reader, and make him lose interest quite quickly. To fix this web error page you must use a tool available for such checking rather than checking them manually. This will save you a lot of time.

3.Copyright Year Not Current

This might not look like an issue in the first place; however, for a reader who notices that the website is out-dated, it makes quite a lot of difference. This kind of copyright would give an impression that the business is closed down, indifferent or about to get shut down. So, don’t let a small mistake spoil the reputation of your business.

4.Missing/Broken Images

This is a careless error which needs to be rectified at the earliest. You can easily diagnose and fix them if you have the content management system or the CMS for help. If you do not have the tool, it means that your website needs rebuilding.

Errors that need fixing within a month

5.Non-friendly 404 Page

This is the error message when your audience is trying to open a dead or broken link. You can customize this message and treat it as a great way of acknowledging the error in a friendly manner and guide them properly on what they might be looking for. Using creative ideas to tackle the page can inspire your audience to a great extent.

6.Non-friendly URLs

It is hard to remember these site addresses, and can hence, become a major turn-off for your audience. Thus, it is extremely essential to choose the URL after thorough planning.

7.Duplicate Content

If you have the exact same content in two pages, it is extremely important that you remove and refresh one of the two. Such an issue is a common SEO mistake in larger websites with thousands of pages.

There are many other such errors which need a little focus from your end to make your website absolutely error-free and impressive in the eyes of the onlooker.

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