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5 Common Websites Issues And How To Fix Them

5 Common Websites Issues And How To Fix Them

A problematic website can ruin the usability. Even if its visuals are great, there is no saving grace to a dysfunctional website. When you say dysfunctional, it encompasses from slow loading, broken links to non-mobile optimization. Here are 5 common problems and how to fix a website.

Presence of Broken Links

The non-functioning links can impact the overall website’s quality. It frustrates the users a lot. It also frustrates Google and it assumes that you aren’t practicing diligence to update the contents at very least. The error pages on the website clearly indicate that the site is of low-quality.

Fix- Make sure you run monthly checkups on the site to identify if there is any broken link and remove it all. There are many website issues checkers and tools online that you can use.

Non-specific Page Titles

A website has many HTML elements, though the important are the title tags. It sums up the whole content of your website or web page to Google and other search engines. Many websites can’t get them right anyhow even if the owners search for their own domain. The website appears with the same title throughout the website.  There are few websites in Google that use filler texts lorem ipsum.  The search engine looks for a duplicate title tag to gauge the uniqueness of the site, losing out on traffic because of such duplicates.

Fix- Head on to Google Search Console to analyze the website. It provides information on other HTML errors like the missing title tags, missing descriptions, duplicate meta descriptions, etc.

Slow Site Loading Time

It’s one reason is the slow server wherein the site can be hosted by using a shared account. It means that your website is sharing the server with hundreds of other websites.  you can also check with the hosting company to know if the site is hosted on a dedicated server or not. If it’s not, then request for this service but it can entail some additional cost.

Fix- You can check the speed score in Google by using some tools. It will analyze the contents of your site and determines which elements are rendering it slower.  It generates some suggestions and makes the website faster than now.

Presence of Entry Page

A lot of websites still make this mistake. There are also many websites that require the use of entry pages. For other websites with an entry, the page is just unnecessary and they are just barring the visitors to navigate the ways through the site easily. The bounce rate can be the reason why it is so high.  A site that requires visitors to ‘Enter here’ button can lose around 25 percent of the traffic.

Fix-In this case, you can’t fix this problem, you just need to remove it.

Email Address Exposure

Many businesses opt to publish their email address on the site. There is nothing wrong but if you are concerned with receiving spam emails from entities that use web crawlers to scrape email addresses. The webs developer will advise you to remove it and offer an alternative.

Fix-The The developer should have used encryption techniques while publishing the business email add to minimize the possibility or prevent spamming altogether.

Some problems and fixes are technical. However, a solution is to allow the experts to fix them if you cannot handle it yourself. Contact Digital Valor and let them fix the problem.

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